Is your small business in rapid descent? Here’s how to pull the nose up.

Depending on how your day has gone, you may feel like you’re in rapid descent or outright free fall. An Instagram post from financial coach Maggie Germano resonated for me: Put your own financial oxygen mask on first. Remember the instructions? I know, it’s been a minute since I’ve been on a plane, too. In […]

5 Questions to Ask When Scaling Your Business

In working with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and funding sources over the years, these are 5 important questions to consider as you begin scaling your business. #1: Why do I want to scale? Why do you want your business to be bigger? I’ve yet to meet someone who started a company just to say […]

3 Common Pitfalls Business Owners Can Avoid

If it were easy everyone would do it We all know starting a business isn’t easy. Starting one as woman can be even more difficult. It’s not the right time because you’re building your expertise and paying off education loans.. Or you’re starting a family. Or you have young children. Or you have a comfortable […]

January Planning

So you’ve set your 2020 goals. Now what? This is the season when the internet lights up with countless articles about yearly goal-setting. That’s something we started with our clients around September/October so they’re already well-prepared to crush 2020. If that’s not where you’re at today, don’t despair. However, setting goals for the year is […]