Advisory Guidance

Advisory Guidance With Jill James

Maybe you’re not ready for a transformative strategic engagement, but it would be amazing to know who to call in a pinch. Maybe things are just fine foundationally, but you’re overwhelmed by choices about how to run your company. 

Would you like some backup? Our Advisory Guidance package might be right for you. We take on a limited number of clients for a 12-month, 1:1 engagement cycle, without the heavy-duty strategic planning of our other services. 

You’ll have Jill’s 1:1 support in navigating the challenges of growing your business. Jill will help you brainstorm and solve problems, backed by the full resources and support of our team and partners. 

This is more than just advice; it’s a partnership for growth.


Our approach goes beyond traditional consulting. We don’t just analyze your business; we become part of its journey. This isn’t about giving you more “shoulds” that stress you out. It’s active, hands-on support on your personal entrepreneurial path.

What to Expect

Quarterly Business Reviews

Keeping tabs on your goals, revenue, team, and operations. Each quarter, we’ll have a structured 60-minute meeting to review your progress. The QBR is a strategic checkpoint. Ahead of these sessions, we’ll review your financial reports and develop a customized agenda.

Advisory Support Meetings

It’s inevitable: you’re going to get stuck. Between our QBRs, book up to eight 30-minute spot support meetings. Get 1:1 support when you need it, whether exploring new opportunities, building your managerial skills and knowledge, or problem-solving an urgent issue.

Monthly On Spot Support

Running a small company means you get hit with every compliance request, tax letter, and HR issue. Do you ask your lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, or insurance broker? Do you risk that mysterious hourly bill? Do you even know what to ask?

We help shine a light through the fog of your inbox, one email at a time. This package provides up to one hour per month of remote support by email, Loom, and voice memo.

You’ll also get unlimited access to our community and resource library.

This service is ideal for CEOs and Founders who need:

  • Advice tailored to their business and personal playbook, not to some mythical “should” for how businesses are “supposed” to be run 
  • An experienced growth, finance, and operations partner with all the resources and referrals of an operations consultancy
  • Reliable, timely expertise and help grow and run a company without the stress of a mystery bill 
  • More time to focus on sales and customers

Lets Get Started

With Advisory Guidance, reduce your stress over unexpected surprises and what you don’t know. Have more time to focus on sales and customers. Feel confident and focused on your growth plans. Packages start from $1,250 a month.

Have questions? Ready to embark on this journey together? Grab a time below, or email us here.