5 Tips: How to Increase Your Sales Pipeline

5 Tips: How to Increase Your Sales Pipeline

In uncertain times, you’re wise to have 3-5x your target revenue in your pipeline. I hear you saying, “Thanks that news flash, Jill. But how?” Here are five tactics to increase the flow in your pipeline without feeling like a jerk:

  1. Get over your self-consciousness. We’re trained to think about objections, or reasons people will say no to us. To psych yourself up instead of out, think of reasons they’d say yes. Then continue to focus on building confidence in the value you offer clients.
  2. Ease into the ask. It can feel icky to pursue transactions when people are struggling. If you’re used to getting right down to business, take a pause and check in before going for the ask. “I was thinking of you and wanted to check in.” “How are you? Are you doing okay?” “How can I help make your year-end easier/better/less stressful?”
  3. Try creative ways to build your pipeline and close deals. Waive rush fees. Launch a social or search marketing campaign. Extend a (profitable) trial offer. Buy ads. Accept credit card payments. Split payments. These tactics can benefit you and clients/prospects.
  4. Inquire about double-invoicing or pre-payment at year-end. It doesn’t have to signal that you’re sweating cash flow (even if you are). Instead, offer it as an option that may be financially beneficial for the client in terms of tax liability or budget requirements.
  5. Offer to fill gaps related to PTO. Less important this year with fewer people taking time off for trips and holiday travel, but still worth asking about if you have unfilled capacity in your work plan. Also applies to other kinds of longer-term PTO like family leave.

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