How money beliefs affect our planning

I’ve yet to meet a founder that hasn’t confronted a limiting belief around money in their journey of entrepreneurial growth. To get your mind right with money, I encourage you to explore two mindsets: growth and abundance.

How To Talk to Your Banker

Most of us talk to our business banker to set up our first account and maybe when we need a loan. The rest of the time, we’re chatting with the tellers or our bank’s digital assistant. Fostering a better relationship with your banker has serious upside, though. As a self-funded small business owner, your banker […]

3 Ways to Avoid an IRS S-Corp Penalty

Got an S-corp? Here’s How to Avoid an IRS S-corp Penalty What’s the #1 mistake S-Corp owners make?Not taking a W-2 salary. Almost everyone I know makes the same mistake in their first year as an S-Corp: not paying themselves enough or any amount as an employee. As we slide toward the end of year, […]