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Trying to run a business by yourself is hard. It’s even more difficult when you don’t know what to ask or aren’t sure where to turn for an answer you can trust. This is a judgment-free space to learn, ask, and connect with other self-funded founders.

Access thousands of dollars worth of strategy, operations, and finance advice to support your journey of growing your business — for free.

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The Community

When you wake up at 3 AM and wonder, did I do this right or should I do this, who do you ask? Having the right experts available makes all the difference in your growth.

Self-funded founders who want expert support and advice in growing their companies to the high 6 or into 7 figures

Live expert briefings and Q&As, fireside chats with founders, topical forums, video resource library


Founder to CEO Cohort

Join a small group of like-minded founders who want to accelerate their learning about how to build and run a profitable self-funded company but don’t have time for conventional “education” environments.

You’ve got a company to run. You don’t have time to sit in a class or mastermind for half a year or do a bunch of self-learning modules. Show up for the live sessions and work on specific growth and operating topics while having fun with other founders.

Founders who started their companies 1–5 years ago

8 weeks of live working sessions, optional online learning and support resources for up to 15 female-identifying founders

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1:1 Consulting

You’re serious about reaching your business and personal wealth goals and are ready to invest in long-term expert support.

Founders/CEOs who want to rapidly grow their companies with deep expert support in strategy, operations, and finance

Consulting support as an operating partner to the CEO / founder to design and implement your growth strategy and support your progress toward your goals

New spots become available as clients complete their engagements