The Impactful Founder's Toolkit

Set the foundation for building a socially impactful business that you love​

You didn’t leave your job to start a company that replicates the same old bullshit. You were frustrated by the unfair policies, 24/7 work expectations, unequal pay, and lack of trust. But how do you do something differently when you’re constantly pushed toward the “get big fast” playbook and traditional corporate-think?

When the relatively easy growth of your first years stalls and you’re faced with complex decisions and responsibilities, do you stick with your purpose? 

As a self-funded Founder / CEO, you want to align the work you do with the impact you want to have on the world. You want your business to be different, better, more positive. So how do we take all those things specific to you and make them into a thriving, financially sustainable business?

I help folks like you – self-funded entrepreneurs who are uncompromising in their beliefs that we can do great work that changes the world, and also thrive financially. We make a playbook specific to the business you want to build, then help you run that company.

It’s hard to find strategic resources for building a purpose-driven small business. I want to change that. I’ve gathered a set of materials that I use with my paid clients, valued over $1,000, and am giving it to you for free.


The Impactful Founder’s Toolkit includes:

  • Two video workshops: Jumpstart your year with two one-hour strategy workshops that will help decide what you want your company to be and how to design an enjoyable CEO role for yourself. I guide you through foundational business design exercises, and help you think about specific challenges for 2024.
  • Evergreen workbook: A companion to the strategy workshop that you can use quarterly, annually, or whenever you feel like your strategy or role is moving off track. 
  • The Love / Hate Exercise: A quick but effective way to organize your work priorities, helping you spend more time in your zone of genius and signaling where you can delegate, automate, or stop doing the things that drag you down.

It’s not just about profits; it’s about purpose, joy, and building a company that makes change. Enter your email below and grab your toolkit.

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