Socially-minded entrepreneurs often ask me whether they should become a nonprofit. Usually, this is shorthand for a 501(c)3 tax designation. 501(c)3s are exempt from federal tax and can accept tax-deductible donations from private foundations and public charities. Before you say, “Yay, free money!” understand some of the downsides.


A 2003 US law that applies to using email for commercial solicitation. The acronym means Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (And people say Congress isn’t fun). CAN-SPAM established seven rules for commercial emails.


A controller will transform your financial statements into useful information and elevate your reports into useful management insights. A controller should be able to build forecasts, evaluate labor costs, and assess margins and profitability.

How to get better at finance

Wondering how to get better at finance? Start by getting clear and intentional about expenses. I’ll show you how.

I blew all my money

Be a more strategic leader and more effective manager of your business finances by embracing the difference between investing and spending. I’ll show you how.

Unexpected Lessons from Lizzo

Last week, we learned that Lizzo is being sued by three former employees for wage theft and harassment. While we can’t yet know the veracity of these specific claims, this seems like a good to to refresh on some things about being CEO / owner.