5 Questions to Ask When Scaling Your Business

In working with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and funding sources over the years, these are 5 important questions to consider as you begin scaling your business. #1: Why do I want to scale? Why do you want your business to be bigger? I’ve yet to meet someone who started a company just to say […]

3 Common Pitfalls Business Owners Can Avoid

If it were easy everyone would do it We all know starting a business isn’t easy. Starting one as woman can be even more difficult. It’s not the right time because you’re building your expertise and paying off education loans.. Or you’re starting a family. Or you have young children. Or you have a comfortable […]

January Planning

So you’ve set your 2020 goals. Now what? This is the season when the internet lights up with countless articles about yearly goal-setting. That’s something we started with our clients around September/October so they’re already well-prepared to crush 2020. If that’s not where you’re at today, don’t despair. However, setting goals for the year is […]