The Jill James

The Jill James is a strategy and operations consulting company that supports self-funded Founder / CEOs in building and running profitable companies aligned with their purposes.

Our services and programs are tailored specifically to help self-funded founders design the company they want to run, balancing purpose and personal values with building sustainable wealth.

Meet Jill James​

I am both creative and process-oriented. I like running stuff. I’m good at figuring out the stepping stones to business goals within your values.

I work with self-funded CEO / founders with purpose. Mostly women, but not exclusively. By experience, I’m a business strategist and Chief Operating Officer. I’m really good at helping founders go from early concept to $5–$10 million without giving up equity. I’ve done most of the non-engineering jobs in SaaS and services companies. On the finance side, I have been a personal financial planner, worked in investment banking, and I have an MBA in entrepreneurship and strategy from Chicago Booth.

I’m a single mom. I left a venture-backed COO role and started my business when I was 7 months pregnant.

I’m not a coach, but clients often call me a “business therapist.” (It’s a compliment, I’m not a mental health professional.) Building a company will expose your limiting beliefs about yourself, relationships, and money — often in the context of learning new business skills. We do the work while we do the work. And we’ve done it almost exclusively remotely since 2015 because entrepreneurial moms don’t have time for boondoggles.

I like naps, walks, and nothingness breaks. They help me synthesize ideas. I love to do research. I read about a book a week, sometimes more, but rarely business books. I am ruthless about sleeping at least 7 hours per night.

I’m originally from a small town in Wisconsin. I’ve lived in Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, and Valencia, Spain, although Los Angeles has been home for the last 15 years.

Meet the Team

Andrea Reeves

Operations & Marketing Manager

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College, Andrea Reeves started her career in digital marketing and corporate communications, where she discovered her love of systems and project management. Now she helps small business owners build more efficient processes using her operational and technological expertise.

Andrea lives in Florida with her elusive elder rescue cat, Kitty.

Ready to transform your business?

If you:

  • Are a self-funded business owner who doesn’t plan to take investment from venture capital
  • Want to grow your company to the high 6 or 7 figures but aren’t sure how to get there
  • Value purpose as a non-negotiable part of your growth

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