Is Life as a Business Owner for You?

Thank you for joining me on the start of this journey to building your independence as a business owner! This week, we covered some side hustle basic like what kind of services and products you could offer, how design thinking puts customers first, and how to set up a basic accounting structure. Here’s a quick recap video:

In the video, I promised these two resources:

Design thinking with Madhatter Coalition: Here’s a podcast with Madhatter Coalition founder Tyler Gillespie. Madhatter Coalition is a venture studio that guides companies through design thinking at every step of development. In particular, listen to 3:52 – 8:00 on finding your X for Y by centering on your customer first. (And congrats to Tyler’s family on welcoming two tiny future women business owners this week!)

Self Made by Nely Galán: I had the pleasure of meeting Nely this winter at her USC Annenberg talk. Her 45-minute talk went nearly 2 hours and no one left! That’s when you know it’s good. Nely’s book, Self Made, is a straightforward and motivational set of steps toward building your own financial independence through business ownership. (One of her mantras is Don’t Buy Shoes, Buy Buildings.) Nely will get you fired up with her amazing personal story and colorful anecdotes. You can also check out her videos and interviews at

Next week in the newsletter, we’ll cover 5 common mistakes made by freelancers and service providers as they get started. Avoiding these mistakes will save you thousands of dollars in underbilling, tax surprises, and penalties. Ask a freelancer friend – almost everyone learns this the hard way. So keep that money in your pocket and subscribe to our newsletter!

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