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“No one has helped me think about my business from an actual business person perspective as much as Jill James. To say I'm impressed with Jill is an understatement. Basically, Jill is your COO thinking about how to grow your business, maximize your work, and get the best clients.”
Stephanie Craig
President & Founder, Apeiron Strategy Group
“Jill helped me see the opportunity in pivoting from reselling to starting my own line, and helped me find the self-financing to make it possible. Her business support has helped us reach $4 million in sales in our first year and hit our pre-pandemic 2020 goals.”
Dafina Smith
CEO & Founder, Covet & Mane
“I worked with Jill on our operations and growth strategy. Our growth has landed us on the Inc 500 for five years. We continue to rely on her as a trusted advisor as our business evolves.”
Amber Allen
Founder & Chief Strategist, Double A Labs