Why I decided to relaunch my course

Last fall, I decided to kill my course. I wrote in May about how dead it was and the Great Lie of “just make a course.”

Each year, I challenge myself to reach more business owners, and the course was a big part of that. But, I wasn’t completely happy with the content and results.

So, against most advice, I focused on 1:1 engagements. I spent the year listening and learning from self-funded founders who wanted to grow revenues to $1-$5 million within two years.

Honestly, I wasn’t going to do a course again. It cuts into my time writing newsletters based on Doja Cat lyrics.

But as I worked with these founders, it frankly pissed me off that many had paid tens of thousands of US dollars for “founder MBAs,” “scale drivers,” and “just do what I did” programs that had no actual support for growing and running a profitable company. Who wants to build someone else’s vision?

Here’s what they told me changed the game from our work:

  • Getting focused and intentional about they want from their businesses
  • Understanding how their business earns, scales, operates, and pays them
  • Hiring and managing aligned employees, contractors, and professional partners
  • Knowing I had their back

Most told me that this was the first time someone actually explained how their business structure worked, how to manage it, how to read and use financial reports, and what drives profits — the stuff CEOs do — in the context of their own values and goals.

So, I decided I would make a new space focused on these things. And make it accessible earlier in your founder journey.

I spent six months with an education consultant to develop an experiential, done-with- you approach and improve my skills as a learning guide.

With all that, today, I am so excited to invite you to my new live course, Founder to CEO.

Eight weeks, $3,000, led by me, in a small group, with ongoing support.

You’ll learn the CEO capabilities that have most benefited my 1:1 clients in moving from low six figures to $1 million or more, with high profitability, aligned to their values and goals. 

What we cover:

  • You as CEO
  • Ideal Customers
  • Offers and Pricing
  • Financial Management
  • People and Hiring
  • Operations

How we do it:

  • Seven live “done with you” sessions: My design goal was for 80% of your success to be showing up. We’ll use breakouts, real-time exercises, guest expert AMAs, and work sprints in a 90-minute weekly meeting. Before and after the live sessions, we have optional worksheets, videos, and journaling exercises. But no shame spirals about what you’re not doing. First session is September 20.
  • Time with me: You’ll have two 30-minute 1:1 sessions with me, recorded and transcribed. You set the agenda, it’s your private coaching.
  • Future access and video support: I hated the part when I shut off support unless you paid more. So I decided to give you permanent access to the course materials and video library, available on desktop or mobile app. You can revisit the framework and topical support as often as you like. (Past CEO Confidence participants, you’re getting this, too.)
  • Community: Knowing more means you’ll have more questions. So we’ve added a permanent private community – NOT a gross Facebook group you can search on Google. At the end of the course period, you’ll also be added to the alumni community. Ongoing access to both groups are included in the course price.

Some guidance:

  • Who it’s for: This course is designed for self-funded women and femme-identifying business owners with ambitions to run a profitable business of at least $500,000 revenue. Ideally, you’re 1-3 years into business and somewhere between $75,000 and $200,000 in revenue. But if you’re a bit further and you want to level up your CEO skills, let’s talk.
  • Limited space: Each cohort will be capped at 15 business owners. Everyone on this list gets a week’s head start before we open it up. Registration closes September 16 or when we reach 15 participants.
  • By application: Our screened waitlist has already received invitations. If you were not on that list, please complete this application. You’ll be invited to schedule a 15-minute Q&A call with me and complete your registration.
  • Not on this list? If you got this email from a friend (or you’d like to recommend Founder to CEO to a friend), no need to wait – please feel welcome to apply now.
  • More information: Have more questions? Check out the Founder to CEO course page and scroll down for the FAQ.

As you know from past offers, with me, there is no 11:55 PM, “Hey, still up, night owl procrastinator?” email. I’ll remind you in upcoming newsletters until we’re at 15 participants or September 16.

As Yoda says, do or do not. As Doja Cat says, get into it (yuh).

Apply now.

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