Get Ready for Tax Day

with a free 10-day readiness challenge

Tax prep doesn't have to be so complicated.

Many founders experience tax anxiety. With tax season just around the corner, you may already be feeling stressed out about 1099s, S-Corp deadlines, or having to talk to your accountant.

Since tax prep can feel like a scavenger hunt, we’ve organized a 10-day Tax Readiness Challenge starting on February 20. You’ll get a daily email with one tax task. 

The challenge will run via email February 20 – March 3, 2023, but you can sign up any time. Participants are also invited to join our free Ask Me Anything via Zoom on March 6.

Daily Tasks

Receive a tax-related task each day — from locating important documents to prepping for conversations with your accountant.

Ask Me Anything

Join Jill for a free Zoom event on Monday, March 6 at 11am PST to ask any questions that may have come up during the Tax Readiness Challenge.

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