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In the world of small business, how do you find advice you trust?

Let’s be honest — you probably didn’t start a business because you were passionate about which CRM to use or how to read a balance sheet. You want to run a financially sustainable, purpose-driven business, and you’re learning as fast as you can.

But when you’re having a glass of wine with your laptop on a Saturday night, crack open your email and have that “uh oh” moment, who do you ask?

I created The Community exclusively for high-growth, self-funded founders to get expert advice and support. It’s operating and management expertise for the million little things you didn’t know you needed to know. It’s growth, operations, and strategy without intimidation or jargon.

It’s highly skilled people who earnestly want to help.

The Community is tailored for you as founder, CEO, owner, and investor. It’s proactive support that has your back while you focus on sales and customers. 

Watch the video to learn more.

The Community is built for ambitious, self-funded founders who want expert advice and support as they grow their business from six to seven figures.

This community is for you if:

You’re the CEO / Founder of a self-funded business for at least one year

Your purpose is a non-negotiable part of your growth

You like to absorb new ideas from business owners and experts

Your current year revenue is at least $75,000 and you want to be at $500,000 to $3 million within two years

You want a community of peers with similar values and ambitions

You’re struggling to run your company, spending more time on operating issues than you are sales and customer growth

You’re avoiding asking important questions because you’re afraid of getting an expensive pile of jargon instead of an actionable solution

You don’t plan to take professional investment (venture or private equity)

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t think you meet all of the qualifications. 

When you sign up for The Community, you’ll instantly gain access to professional advice, resources, and programming tailored to self-funded companies at a fixed monthly cost.

For the investment of $395/mo or $3,995/year, you’ll have access to experts in operations, business development and strategy, systems, accounting and finance, human resources, tax, and more.

Focused support on operations, finance, and growth strategy

Access to experts aligned to how you want to grow your business

A private space to ask questions that have felt scary or difficult

A network of fellow self-funded founders with a range of experience and expertise

Live events with The Jill James team and expert guests (plus recordings)

A video resource library with on-demand access to helpful information for self-funded founders

An archive of our weekly newsletters

Private groups for women + femme founders and for businesses making $1 million+
(please specify in your application if you’d like to be included in these channels)

“Jill’s direction and expertise has been instrumental in our company’s year-over-year growth, guiding us from a small startup through our recent recognition as one of the fastest growing private companies in America (Inc. Magazine). For a company led by creatives, she brings the business acumen and stability needed to keep us informed, confident and prepared for an ever-changing market landscape. We would highly recommend her services for any size company looking to improve operational stability, leadership and growth.”

Brian Loschiavo, Co-founder, Riverside Entertainment

Get instant access to expert support


$ 395


$ 3995

The Community’s first 50 paid members will automatically be designated as Founding Members. You will lock in our current monthly or annual pricing for the duration of your paid participation, as long as you maintain a recurring payment method on file and comply with our Terms and Conditions.


A: The Community is for self-funded founders who want expert help and support in growing and running their companies.

Basic requirements: You’ve made at least $75k in revenue in the most recent or current year, and you don’t have plans to take professional investor funds.

A: Self-funded means you don’t have plans to take professional investor funds. Business loans and partnerships are okay.

A: Once accepted, you will gain immediate access to our private community on Mighty Networks, which will give you access to:

  • Future live event dates and Zoom links (think: AMAs and fireside chats)
  • Recordings of all past live events
  • The video resource library
  • The Community channel, where you can ask questions and connect with peers (and read past conversations and advice)
  • Business support and advice from Jill, The Jill James team, and guest experts via direct message, channel threads, live events, and AMAs
  • The Jill James newsletter archive

A: Community members may have an opportunity to purchase additional services before anyone else (i.e. quarterly planning meetings and working sessions with Jill, a seat in the next cohort, etc.), however these services are not included in the membership. 

A: One of the reasons we built this paid community is because experts deserve to get paid for expertise. When we deliver free content, we have to make it generic and include a pitch. It sucks when you show up ready to learn and find yourself in a watered-down group sale, or leave with more unanswered questions.

Your fees in part compensate our experts for the investments they’ve made in the skills and knowledge that let them directly and efficiently provide you with learning and advice.

About Jill James

Jill James is a wayfinder for purpose-driven founders who want to self-fund their growth with integrity.

Jill has helped thousands of small business founders gain the operating and growth expertise they need to thrive as CEOs.